Last Update: 9/1/2014

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Foundation?

The Deuel County Community Foundation is one of nearly 650 community foundations across the country and around the world. They are set up by people, corporations and families that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in a specific region.

FAQ What area does foundation serve?

Grants are limited to Deuel County.

What does the Community Foundation do?

The Deuel County Community Foundation was established to improve the quality of life in Deuel County and to build a culture of giving. The foundation provides opportunities for philanthropist to give to their communities to make grants to community groups working in community building, civic engagement, education, and health and human services.

How are the Funds managed?

The funds and managed by the South Dakota Community Foundation.  

Can I give anonymously?

Yes.  Many philanthropists request that the donor's name not be made public.  The Deuel County Community Foundation will assure your privacy.

I don't have a lot of money, but I still want to give.  What Can I do?

There are many opportunities to give smaller sums including payroll deductions and gifts spanning multiple years.  There are also opportunities to donate your time and talents in any Deuel County Community Foundation event.

There are many worthy charities in Deuel County.  Why should I give to the Foundation?

Yes, there are many worthy charities that have needs.  Everyone knows the needs of today, but who can anticipate the needs of the community 10 or 20 years from now.  The Deuel County Community Foundation annually grants 5% of its funds therefore allowing the fund to build to meet future needs.

Will the funds ever get used up?

No.  A maximum of five percent of fund can be granted annually.  The funds are invested by the South Dakota Community Foundation which has seen a fifteen-year average return on investment of 8.5%.